To terminate, or not to terminate an EBA?

ELM TV EXCLUSIVE - One of ELM's most informative contributors, Marie-Claire Foley, Partner at Ashurst, in this video details two main trends happening in the IR space at the moment. On top of highlighting what these are, she goes on to explain possible reasons.

Three tips for developing a diversity and inclusion strategy

ELM TV EXCLUSIVE - Hear what Workplace Diversity & Inclusion workshop trainer Diane Utatao advises those developing their D&I strategy in this video. "The best plans are supported visibly and passionately by the CEO and the senior level executives," she says. "Without their commitment, you might as well walk away."

Trending: EBAs, accessorial liability and mental health

ELM TV EXCLUSIVE - In this excellent video with HR Law Masterclass Chair in Melbourne, David Dilger, viewers have the opportunity to understand the three trending areas within employment law in Australia; why, and its impacts on you as an employer. Are you seeing the same trends?

What is the “greyer area” around an employee’s use of their own social media?

Stephen Booth of Coleman Greig clearly answers some important social media and the workplace questions in the lead up to the HR Law Masterclass. "It is very important to have a social media policy in place, which makes it plain that out-of-work and out-of-hours conduct which is relevant to the workplace is not merely a private matter," he reminds all employers in this article.