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Profile of Employment Law Matters Readers

Profile of Employment Law Matters Readers

Over 13,300 Human Resource, Employment and Legal executives in Australia and New Zealand’s public and private sectors are active on Employment Law Matters – would you like to direct your brand towards them?

Employment Law Matters is a free online portal for the Australian and New Zealand workplace market. Our readers get complimentary access to personal interviews, case studies, law firm articles and the latest news from industry; making it among the highest traffic websites in Australia with an employment law, workplace and IR focus.

The active readership of the site is growing weekly. We’d love for you to grow with us.

If you have a prospecting strategy to increase your brand awareness, showcase your services and solutions through thought provoking content, and/or gain direct access to our readers through live or online channels, contact us for more information.

Employment Law Matters publishes its content on its online portal, in fortnightly newsletters to its reader base as well as on LinkedIn and Twitter. It also works closely with an events team to provide the Annual Employment Law Forum (in Melbourne, November 2016), and several workshops and masterclasses. Our general HR content includes topics on employee engagement, workplace mental health, performance management, and learning and development, to name a few. Visit our events page to see more of the live networking and branding opportunities we provide.