Bullying & Harassment

The Weinstein Effect

Clayton Utz explain the Weinstein Effect: Managing inappropriate conduct in the workplace – managing sexual harassment, assessing legal risk, conducting investigations, assessing adversarial liability, and dealing with historical claims.

Interim orders in a “stop bullying” application

In a recent case, the FWC granted its first interim order issued in its anti-bullying jurisdiction, effectively issuing an injunction to stop an employer from proceeding with a workplace investigation for a bullying claim. Stephen Booth from Coleman Greig Lawyers explains what this decision means for employers.

Recent shift in sexual harassment damages calls for workplace cultural transformation

Lander & Rogers’ Partners highlight in this article that “an organisation’s policy on workplace sexual harassment must be led from the top down, and managers need to understand their roles in the process.” Our contributors provide five clear tips for successful cultural transformation.

How can we better manage bullying and discrimination cases with mental health circumstances?

Special Counsels Cilla Robinson and Christy Miller recently addressed issues regarding workplace bullying and discrimination. “A common issue that arises in unacceptable conduct cases is the lack of, or complacency with, policies which deal with the consequences of inappropriate behaviour in the workplace”.