Bullying & Harassment

Has inclusiveness in the workplace increased resistance?

In this exclusive with Phillipa Muir of Simpson Grierson, we learn about issues around workplace bullying and discrimination in New Zealand, and also how the culture shift towards ensuring inclusiveness in the workplace, particularly for the LGBTI community, has been very positive, yet is often met with some resistance.

What should SMEs and start-ups do to address workplace bullying?

The team at Corrs Chambers Westgarth discuss why tackling bullying and other unacceptable forms of behaviour in the workplace (discrimination, sexual harassment) is not just important to avoid legal claims, but also “very much about creating a positive workplace culture that will ensure you can attract and keep the best talent.”


Latest in FWC anti-bullying orders

Law firm, Kemp Strang highlights in this article and case example that “where more than one worker is alleged to engage in bullying conduct, the FWC needs to be satisfied they are acting together repeatedly if it is going to make a stop bullying order”. Learn when the FWC will make anti-bullying orders.

Psychological injury as a result of three instances of workplace bullying

The District Court of New South Wales has recently determined a claim by a plaintiff who alleges that he sustained a psychological injury as a result of three instances of workplace bullying. “Even if it is found that allegations of bullying are not substantiated there may still be a risk of an employee developing an injury”.