“The 2017 Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Conference was a cracker of a conference!”

“It’s a lofty expectation for any conference organiser to plan the speakers and panels with the intent of keeping the attention of participants for the entirety of the conference – but I believe this one did!” — Diana Hewitson of Ambition Group Consulting reflects on the Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Conference.

Diversity, Inclusion and Flexibility at PwC

Victoria Park shares what as worked in promoting awareness and understanding of cultural diversity and inclusion at PwC; and discusses the new parental leave policy that increase flexibility for employees at PwC.

Key Enablers for Building an Inclusive Work Culture

Diane Utatao discusses the importance of linking diversity and inclusion to organisational values, building the inclusive leadership capability of an organisation to build psychological safety and measuring data, setting targets, measuring their processes.

The “Bamboo Ceiling”

Dai Le, founder of DAWN discusses why we don’t often see a strong representation of individuals with Asian heritage in leadership positions. Dai explains that despite many Asian-Australians aspiring to work at levels of seniority, they often find it too difficult to challenge the cultural glass or “bamboo” ceiling.

Time to disrupt Australia’s leadership model?

For me diversity and inclusive leadership is important. It’s important to have our leadership teams reflect our society. For many organisations, diversity and inclusion are too often derided as “soft” human resource issues.