Do you still struggle with procedural fairness?

ELM TV EXCLUSIVE – Partner at Page Seager, David Dilger, spoke to us about a key takeaway from the HR Law Masterclass series; that of “procedural fairness”. This short video highlights some key considerations within internal processes, and links it with some top tips regarding workplace investigations.

Employer fined for making returning mother redundant

“It is a fundamental entitlement of an employee to take parental leave to care for a child and not be prejudiced or disadvantaged for exercising that right in the workplace,” writes Tim Greenall of Madgwicks. Learn more on Heraud v Roy Morgan Research Limited ([2016] FCCA 1797).

Can you sack a worker for getting a tattoo?

Nathan Luke reminds us that “if you have certain expectations of your employees regarding appearance, you should have a clear, written policy setting out the relevant rules. This policy should be clearly articulated to employees before they accept the job.” Read more here.

Who are your workplace diversity champions, do you have one yet?

Experienced Diversity & Inclusion consultant Diane Utatao provides us with excellent advice on how to develop, implement and support D&I initiatives in this exclusive interview. She cites “deciding what you want to achieve with your strategy, making the difficult choices and overcoming resistance & culture change” as the three biggest roadblocks to workplace D&I alignment with business.

Remember: Employees leave managers, not companies

Tiffany Campbell of Holding Redlich reminds us in this informative submission that “Managers are your front-line for reinforcing company values and culture, managing staff and driving results.” With this said, there have been a recent spate of workers’ compensation decisions, however, “where consequences on businesses when managers fail to act reasonably when managing employees.”

Is there no one standard definition of absenteeism?

In this article we gain some case study insights from Consultant, Michael Minns on the topic of absenteeism. He also reminds HR and management teams that analysing your current workplace absenteeism is a good place to start when looking to manage this complex and multifaceted phenomena.

Dos and don’ts of employee engagement: Getting it right

When engaging a new employee it is important to “establish a system that will put the business in the best possible position to secure the right person for the job”. Legal issues to consider: employers need to be frank with candidates regarding the nature, terms and conditions of employment and that they do not fall foul of anti-discrimination laws.