Trending: EBAs, accessorial liability and mental health

ELM TV EXCLUSIVE - In this excellent video with HR Law Masterclass Chair in Melbourne, David Dilger, viewers have the opportunity to understand the three trending areas within employment law in Australia; why, and its impacts on you as an employer. Are you seeing the same trends?

Three tips for developing a diversity and inclusion strategy

ELM TV EXCLUSIVE - Hear what Workplace Diversity & Inclusion workshop trainer Diane Utatao advises those developing their D&I strategy in this video. "The best plans are supported visibly and passionately by the CEO and the senior level executives," she says. "Without their commitment, you might as well walk away."

To terminate, or not to terminate an EBA?

ELM TV EXCLUSIVE - One of ELM's most informative contributors, Marie-Claire Foley, Partner at Ashurst, in this video details two main trends happening in the IR space at the moment. On top of highlighting what these are, she goes on to explain possible reasons.

Tips on getting a valid Enterprise Agreement approved

ELM TV EXCLUSIVE - In his experience, Perth based employment lawyer, Daniel White, says getting employee buy in is the most important aspect of getting an Enterprise Agreement approved.

What technical compliance questions are you asking?

ELM TV EXCLUSIVE - Hear what Cathy Lyndon's views are on the developments in the Industrial Relations and Enterprise Bargaining area within Australia. Are you aware of all these?

Have you collected good clinical information from an IME?

ELM TV EXCLUSIVE - In this excellent video with Maddocks' Catherine Dunlop we learn more about the developments in how to manage employees that have an illness or injury. Specifically, Catherine does a great job advising viewers of what to consider when dealing with this growing workplace issue.

What should you do if something looks too good to be true?

ELM TV EXCLUSIVE - We are reminded in this video by Stephen Booth that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. A look at where companies are being liable for things within their supply chain and how to watch out you don't get caught as an accessory.

Be aware of what might be happening in employees’ life

ELM TV EXCLUSIVE - An excellent interview with Clayton Utz Partner, Cilla Robinson regarding bullying and mental health in the workplace. We learn how and why the two issues are becoming increasingly common in modern workforces.

Steps taken to make decision, just as important as reason for decision

ELM TV EXCLUSIVE - Rated the most engaging speaker of the HR Law Masterclass series in March, Madelaine August provides viewers with a breakdown on the topic of procedural fairness. She highlights where employers sometimes get it wrong.

Hey HR, are you covered by your company’s insurance policy?

ELM TV EXCLUSIVE - Minter Ellison Partner and industry recognised employment lawyer, Karl Blake, highlights the two most important things to remember when discussing accessorial liability, based on feedback from the recent HR Law Masterclass. If you're in HR, definitely watch this!