Diversity, Inclusion and Flexibility at PwC

Victoria Park shares what as worked in promoting awareness and understanding of cultural diversity and inclusion at PwC; and discusses the new parental leave policy that increase flexibility for employees at PwC.

A Reflection: Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Australia, Melbourne

Diana Hewitson, Head of Diversity & Inclusion Services at Ambition Group, reflects back on the Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Conference, which took place in Melbourne this October.

Key Enablers for Building an Inclusive Work Culture

Diane Utatao discusses the importance of linking diversity and inclusion to organisational values, building the inclusive leadership capability of an organisation to build psychological safety and measuring data, setting targets, measuring their processes.

Removing Barriers to a Gender-Diverse Work Culture

Stephen Cornelissen explains the responsibility organisational leaders have in breaking down the barriers that stand in the way of a gender-diverse work culture.

The “Bamboo Ceiling”

Dai Le, founder of DAWN discusses why we don’t often see a strong representation of individuals with Asian heritage in leadership positions. Dai explains that despite many Asian-Australians aspiring to work at levels of seniority, they often find it too difficult to challenge the cultural glass or “bamboo” ceiling.

How can organisations overcome bias to ‘sameness of thinking’?

We ask Alec Bashinsky of Deloitte - how can organisations engage their workers to overcome bias to sameness of thinking? See what he has to say!

HR law update – changes in legislation that employers must be aware of

ELM TV EXCLUSIVE - Julia discusses key changes that have occurred over the past six months, and identifies areas of legislative change in which employers should look out for in the near-future. Not only that, but Julia reminds us of the significant penalties for breaching particular laws and suggests the preventative steps employers can take to minimise risk.

3 important lessons in managing ill & injured employees where mental health issues are present

ELM TV EXCLUSIVE - In this insightful video, David Cross from Norton Rose Fulbright shares 3 important lessons to remember when faced with the difficulties of managing ill & injured employees where mental health issues are present. These lessons are crucial, given the vast legal issues at stake when mishandling ill & injured employees.

Are organisations meeting procedural fairness requirements?

ELM TV EXCLUSIVE - In this video, Lucy Shanahan from K&L Gates discusses key issues surrounding unfair dismissals and some of the most common mistakes organisations make in not meeting procedural fairness requirements.

Trending: EBAs, accessorial liability and mental health

ELM TV EXCLUSIVE - In this excellent video with HR Law Masterclass Chair in Melbourne, David Dilger, viewers have the opportunity to understand the three trending areas within employment law in Australia; why, and its impacts on you as an employer. Are you seeing the same trends?