General HR & Legislation

What rights do employers have to request further medical evidence from their employees?

When can employers lawfully direct an employee to provided further medical evidence is often one of the key questions when managing ill or injured employees. This is a difficult issue for employers to grapple with because, like many employment issues, the answer is – ‘it depends’.

HR law update – changes in legislation that employers must be aware of

ELM TV EXCLUSIVE – Julia discusses key changes that have occurred over the past six months, and identifies areas of legislative change in which employers should look out for in the near-future. Not only that, but Julia reminds us of the significant penalties for breaching particular laws and suggests the preventative steps employers can take to minimise risk.

3 important lessons in managing ill & injured employees where mental health issues are present

ELM TV EXCLUSIVE – In this insightful video, David Cross from Norton Rose Fulbright shares 3 important lessons to remember when faced with the difficulties of managing ill & injured employees where mental health issues are present. These lessons are crucial, given the vast legal issues at stake when mishandling ill & injured employees.

Highlights from the HR Law Masterclass

Siobhan Anderson reflects on what she found particularly interesting & useful at the HR Law Masterclass. She touches on some of the key topics discussed at the event and what she learnt from some of the guest speakers.