How does the Harmful Digital Communications Act impact employers?

Video featuring Bridget Smith, Partner, SBM Legal

Highlighting the important topic and impacts of the Harmful Digital Communications Act for employers recently, Bridget Smith in this short video brings to the forefront how employers are liable for the content on its systems or website.

Bridget reminds employers that if an employee is bullying another employee, or even someone in the public, using their internal system or website, they too can be liable, under this Act. Bridget then goes on to recommend that employers should put clear policies in place that notify employees that “you own their system, and sets the expectations of what employees can and can’t do on that system”.

View the full video to learn more.

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Bridget was a keynote speaker at our recent HR Law Masterclass series in New Zealand and will be joining us to facilitate the Workplace Investigations & Compliance NZ workshop in Auckland in February. Bridget is a regular commentator on employment law issues in publications such as the New Zealand Herald and on You can contact Bridget for more questions, here.