Health, Wellbeing & EEO

The Coronavirus and the workplace

Many of you will have seen media reports about the reasonably quick spread of coronavirus to different parts of the world. While (at the time of writing) there are no confirmed New Zealand cases, the Ministry of Health has advised that the chance of a case being imported into New Zealand is high (although the...

Talent & Performance

Stupid Comes in Every Flavour

These stupid events actually happened. the stupid people are real. we’ve changed their names and details to avoid assaulting you with the identities of the ignorant. you have been warned.

Dismissal, Behaviour, Investigations

New Zealand: Compulsory redundancy compensation on the cards?

Could we see ACC or Kiwisaver style unemployment accounts requiring mandatory contributions from employers and employees? The Government’s Productivity Commission has released its second draft report, “Employment, labour markets and income,” focusing this time on technological change and the future of work in our country’s labour markets. Now is the time to have your say...

Injury, Safety & RTW

Clarifying a company’s rights as a defendant to a safety prosecution

A recent decision of the Full Federal Court in Helicopter Resources Pty Ltd v Commonwealth of Australia has clarified that a company which is a defendant to a safety prosecution has substantially the same rights as a natural person under the system of criminal justice. Accordingly, with the exception of producing documents in response to a subpoena,...

Employee Relations & IR

New Zealand: Remuneration threshold changes – an update for employers

It is important for employers to pay regard to Immigration New Zealand’s upcoming remuneration changes. As of the 24 February 2020, wage and salary thresholds are increasing for those wishing to obtain either a Skilled Migrant resident visa or an Essential Skills work visa. This change comes as a result of Immigration New Zealand’s annual...

Disputes, Liabilities, Case Law

2019 in review and the outlook for 2020

Ongoing change is the notorious hallmark of New Zealand employment law, and 2019 maintained that reputation. We saw a number of fundamental revisions in the legal landscape, the full implications of which are yet to be seen. 2020, as an election year, may have less legislative reform on the agenda, but the long term outlook...