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As the nature of workforces and workplaces rapidly evolve, employers need to constantly adapt to how they operate. In addition to staying on top of legislative updates and case law decisions, HR and employee relations professionals need to understand changes to contract protections, entitlements, rights, responsibilities, and compliance requirements. They also need to be at the top of your game for operational, and strategic HR matters.

Thousands of human resources, talent management and inhouse legal executives in Australia and New Zealand’s public and private sectors are active on The active readership of the site is growing weekly – would you like to direct your brand towards them? is a free online portal for Australian and New Zealand HR professionals. Our readers enjoy complimentary access to personal interviews, case studies, law firm articles, the latest news and insight on case law and recent decisions.

In partnership with parent company Aventedge, we also produce a range of timely summits and training events – from legal and HR risk conferences to talent management or HR law workshops. For more information about our upcoming events click here.