Disputes, Liabilities, Case Law

Unfair dismissal; Conflict resolution; Adverse action claims; rights and responsibilities; Accessorial liability

Accessorial Liability – To resign or not to resign: that is the question, if you know you are involved in breaches of the Fair Work Act

“There is nothing wrong with sending the message that an employee should indeed resign if that is the only alternative to continuing to participate knowingly in illegal activity, ideally coupled with reporting the conduct … to the Fair Work Ombudsman”.

HR law update – changes in legislation that employers must be aware of

ELM TV EXCLUSIVE – Julia discusses key changes that have occurred over the past six months, and identifies areas of legislative change in which employers should look out for in the near-future. Not only that, but Julia reminds us of the significant penalties for breaching particular laws and suggests the preventative steps employers can take to minimise risk.