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Stupid Comes in Every Flavour

These stupid events actually happened. the stupid people are real. we’ve changed their names and details to avoid assaulting you with the identities of the ignorant. you have been warned.

Offensive language within the workplace: When does it cross the line?

Profanities in the workplace; acceptable always, never, or only in times of deep exasperation?  Does swearing in the workplace give an employer enough grounds to terminate an employee?  As an employment lawyer it’s relatively common for me to hear of circumstances where employees have been reprimanded for their choice of language within the workplace –…

Do employees have a right to free speech in Australia?

Introduction There’s been a lot of publicity recently over Israel Folau and his problems with Rugby Australia over some controversial views about homosexuals and others he posted on social media. Some commentators have characterised that dispute as a contest between, on the one hand an employee’s right to religious freedom and freedom of speech, and…