Before you dismiss someone, write down the reason why

Video featuring Nicholas Ogilvie, Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills

One of ELM’s highest rated speakers throughout 2016, commended for his practical approach to employment law issues, Nicholas took some time to address us via camera recently with his best tip when dealing with terminations, specifically unfair dismissals.

“Write it down. Before you make a decision, before you go ahead and dismiss someone, write down the reason on a piece of paper,” Nicholas tells readers.

ELM has recently launched its How to Reduce Risk during the Dismissals & Terminations Process workshop taking place in June throughout Australia. This workshop covers a specific session from the Herbert Smith Freehills’ team on:

How to avoid and manage a claim of an unfair dismissal?
  • Avoiding claims:
    • Preparing and reviewing your dismissal procedure and reasoning, including how to ensure your procedure for a dismissal is “procedurally fair”
    • Reviewing your contracts, agreements and policies and aligning these with your termination process
    • Implementing actionable steps that ensure the dismissal is well documented and defensible
  • Managing claims:
    • Checkboxes for what to do when a claim is made, and another for what a fair investigation process would include – what should these include?
    • How to ensure your evidence is “specific” and “detailed”; go through examples of what not to include/use
    • Highlighting tips for effective communication and consultation techniques
    • Going through scenarios for mediation techniques
* Dos and don’t session: This session will look at examples, check boxes, and scenarios that will help delegates apply principles with real situations.

If this topic is hot on your agenda, contact Nicholas directly to ask more questions or find out more about the workshop here.