Wellbeing and inclusion – a SEEK case study review

It’s a common misconception that mental health problems stem from issues outside of work, however we know from studies that the majority of those reporting poor mental health link it to a combination of work and non-work related factors. This highlights that there is no longer a disconnect between home and work and emphasises the critical role the work environment can play in the mental health and wellbeing of our people.

At SEEK we know our people are operating in an environment of rapid growth and change, while living fast-paced lives in an increasingly challenging and changing world. These challenges can interact, compete and conflict. To evolve and adapt to this world in which we are now living individuals need to be equipped with the necessary tools to manage and optimise their own health and wellbeing.

Like many organisations, wellbeing has become a key priority for SEEK, with our leaders recognising that for our people to remain highly engaged, motivated and committed, they need to be in an environment where they can thrive. At SEEK we recognise the strong relationship between wellbeing and inclusion. For us, this means that for individuals to be their best they need to be in an inclusive and supportive culture, free from judgement, bias or stigma, where they can genuinely bring their whole selves to work every day.

For this to become a reality, there are a couple of things that we focus on:

  • Ensuring that all our programs link back to our Wellbeing strategy;
  • Giving our leaders the skills to understand and create mentally healthy teams;
  • Ensure that our principles, approach and policies regarding Wellbeing and Mental Health are well known and understood;
  • Engage the whole organisation in Wellbeing, through education, benefits and bespoke support services.

At SEEK we’ve worked hard to create and foster a culture built around our philosophy of ‘people first’ which underpins everything we do and aligns with our core beliefs of creating a community where individuals are valued and having a positive impact on society. While SEEK will continue to invest in wellbeing, with an increasing focus on preventative strategies, a key focus for us is ensuring we continue to maintain the inclusive culture that SEEK is known for and proud of – where everyone can be themselves and are valued for their uniqueness and can speak up honestly and openly without fear of judgement or consequence.