Do you understand the nature of the mental health risks at your workplace?

Video featuring Cormack Dunn, Partner, Dentons

Well-known and experienced health and safety lawyer Cormack Dunn, points out that one of the biggest challenges employers face is understanding the nature of mental health risks at their workplaces.

In this exclusive video, he spells out his recommendation to employers on how to firstly identify what is the cause of these hazards at the workplace, and then secondly, how to apply a risk management methodology to approach it. Like many of us, Cormack understands that mental health issues are not the same as traditional safety issues, and a different set of behaviours, systems and ways in which work is arranged need to be reviewed. Click the video to watch it in full.

Cormack has more than 12 years of experience in private practice as a workplace health and safety lawyer and 10 years of experience as a safety investigator and prosecutor with the New South Wales (NSW) government. Cormack is a former legal advisor to the NSW government on safety matters, and provides regular training to members of the Governance Institute of Australia.

ELM has recently launched its Workplace Health & Wellbeing Australia event in Sydney in June – similar topics will be discussed by organisations including, SafeWork NSW, WorkSafe Victoria, Qantas, KPMG, Google, Coca-Cola, American Express, Suncorp, Aurecon, Westpac, Telstra and QBE Insurance.