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Ignorance of the law is no excuse for HR Managers

Special Counsel, Tim Greenall reminds us again that as a HR Manager, running the human resources activities of an employer, and whom is intimately involved with Award matters, “need to know the precise nature of the legal obligations of an employer and then act upon that knowledge irrespective of any contrary views of their superiors”.

Top 4 practical employment law myths busted

Nicole Dunn of Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers provides us with another practical article! This time, she tells us that “it’s not uncommon that we encounter an employer at the wrong end of a claim because they’ve bought into an “employment law myth” so we’ve busted a few employment myths”.

Psychological injury as a result of three instances of workplace bullying

The District Court of New South Wales has recently determined a claim by a plaintiff who alleges that he sustained a psychological injury as a result of three instances of workplace bullying. “Even if it is found that allegations of bullying are not substantiated there may still be a risk of an employee developing an injury”.