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Does a summary dismissal still need to follow a process?

Jim Roberts of Hesketh Henry reminds us in this article that “while some incidents might be so flagrant or reckless and easily evidenced (for example by security footage) that they appear to justify termination on the spot, it is important that the alleged behaviour is properly investigated and a lawful process is carried out.”


Experienced HR professionals considered capable of representing an employer

Employee Assist Principal, Amnon Kelemen writes that in unfair dismissal proceedings before the FWC, “an experienced and/or qualified HR professional will generally be considered capable of representing an employer even in circumstances where they is also a witness.” This article provides case examples readers can learn from.

Job Interview

Do not automatically assume a ‘casual’ has no unfair dismissal rights

In the case example of Kool v Adecco Industrial Pty Ltd [2016] FWC 925 the Applicant claimed she has been unfairly dismissed by labour hire firm Adecco when it told her she could no longer work at Adecco’s client, Nestle. Read here what emerged from this case and what we can learn about casual employment and unfair dismissal claims.