Are you confronting performance issues promptly?

Video featuring Aaron Goonrey, Partner, Lander & Rogers

In a recent interview with ELM’s regular content and workshop contributor, Aaron Goonrey, he again stressed the importance of how to best deal with employee performance issues. His message, as always, is clear and consistent: “employers should deal with performance issues as, and when, they arise”.

Aaron highlights here that employers should get the “buy in to the actual issue itself” of employees when dealing with performance. He cites that employers often face the challenge of  “confronting the problem in the first place”. Are you facing these same issues?

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Aaron is a regular presenter on employment law and HR topics, as well as being the author of many workplace relations articles for external publications and Lander & Rogers. In addition, Aaron frequently designs and delivers training programs for clients about the constantly changing employment law landscape, including for HR personnel and people managers. Aaron can be reached directly here.